BCD900 – The Ascent: Approving the Climb

Categories: Building Codes
Course Length: 1h
Accreditation: AIA LU, ICC CEU
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About Course

This course will discuss the approval of beyond prescriptive code tall mass timber developments through effective collaboration and project vision. Learn how the largest mass timber high-rise building in the world, the Ascent, was completed by involving the right people at the right time and approving IBC code variances supported by laboratory testing. Structural design concepts used for the structure metropolitan high-rise building firefighting concepts will be discussed briefly, as will for fire and code officials, engineers, and other design professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the Design Principles and Construction Process utilized on the Ascent building
  • Identify the varying IBC code year restrictions on Mass Timber height requirements and which one was chosen for the Ascent approvals and variances
  • Define the basic firefighting principles of residential high-rise buildings, including mass timber buildings, and how developers, architects and engineers can incorporate these into future developments and approval processes
  • List the approval process that was conducted in the development of the Ascent and how variances were approved

Funding provided in part by the Softwood Lumber Board.

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Course Content

The Ascent: Approving the Climb

  • Recorded Presentation
  • The Ascent Building Assessment