BCD420 – International Building Code (IBC) Essentials for Wood Construction Based on the 2015 IBC

Categories: Building Codes
Course Length: 2h
Accreditation: AIA HSW LU, ICC CEU
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About Course

Based on the popular Code Conforming Wood Design (CCWD), a joint publication of the American Wood Council (AWC) and the International Code Council (ICC), this presentation concisely summarizes the 2015 IBC for commercial and multi-family residential construction. It will explain the determination of maximum building size for eight common use groups using the new height and area tables of the 2015 IBC and pre-calculated tables provided in the CCWD. It will also address establishing fire resistance for wood assemblies and heavy timber; special provisions for pedestal buildings; criteria for finishes, appendages, and other wood features; the scoping of referenced wood design standards; an overview of structural provisions in Chapter 23; and requirements for precautions during construction.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Apply 2015 IBC provisions for building size limits when wood is used as the primary structural element for buildings within its scope.
  2. Identify IBC methods for establishing fire resistance of wood assemblies and elements.
  3. Identify IBC requirements for fire precautions during construction.
  4. Apply IBC provisions for the use of wood in finishes and trim; in building appendages such as balconies; in noncombustible construction types; and in other building features.
  5. Locate the fundamental IBC structural provisions for wood design and identify the IBC-referenced wood design standards.

Funding provided in part by the Softwood Lumber Board.


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2015 IBC Essentials for Wood Construction

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  • 2015 IBC Essentials for Wood Construction Assessment