BCD131A – 2018 IRC Changes Related to Wood Construction ARTICLE

Categories: Building Codes
Course Length: 1h
Accreditation: AIA HSW LU, ICC CEU
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About Course

The 2018 International Residential Code (IRC) was approved by the International Code Council (ICC) during
their 2015/2016 code development cycle. This article outlines changes to the IRC as they relate to wood
construction. Accompanying discussion of each change is the ICC code change tracking number [bracketed]
that can be used to search for more information regarding the change on the ICC website (iccsafe.org),
including the reason the proponent offered for the change and any modifications made during the hearing

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize and apply appropriate code changes as outlined and delineated in tables within this article.
  • Give examples of code changes in Appendix A for fasteners and framing provisions.
  • Describe some of the code changes for Fire Resistance and Sprinklers in the built environment.
  • Recite some of the code changes for Structural provisions in the built environment such as decks,
    footing, wall bracing, roof framing, and I-Joists.
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2018 International Residential Code Changes Related to Wood Construction

  • Course Article
  • 2018 IRC Code Changes Article Assessment